Many Churches focus on Worship or Works or The Word but God is calling for an ALL INCLUSIVE CHURCH that TEACHES THE WORD of FAITH, that WORSHIPS HIM in SPIRIT & TRUTH and DOES the WORKS of the MINISTRY!

The Greater Youngstown WISDOM Center is just such a Church! A Word of Faith Teaching Ministry based entirely on the UN-Compromised Word of God with a focus on KINGDOM PRINCIPLES of FAITH, HEALING & PROSPERITY.  We strive to BE a Church just like the Church in the Book of Acts – when EVERY NEED was MET and ALL were HEALED and lived in HARMONY, growing in number each day DOING the WORKS.

The Pastors of the Wisdom Center of Greater Youngstown are Pastors Jeff & Andrea Swogger.  

We hold services every Sunday at 10:00AM and 6:30PM at 1155 Churchill Hubbard Rd. Youngstown, OH 44505 in the Building also called The Refuge.

The Wisdom Center of Greater Youngstown is one of many satellite Churches under the covering of Wisdom Ministries based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Pastors Jeff & Andrea Swogger are under the leadership of Dr. Nasir Siddiki the founder of Wisdom Ministries ( in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Dr. Siddiki teaches biblical wisdom principles for success and has been featured in Charisma, Word of Faith and Believer’s Voice of Victory magazines. He has ministered on a variety of television programs including TBN, Daystar, LeSea, Inspiration Networks and many more.